THE ANGRY WORLD: The Alley Behind the Dive Bar

Spent half my life out behind this rotten gin joint

A harsh prison sentence

I’m just a recidivist degenerate

vomiting vodka, vicodin and venom


on a life of introspective mediocrity

Ate a hard knuckle sandwich

from some dude with long greasy hair

muscular arms

and an intimidating beer gut

Skanky barfly with teeth the color of a stained bathroom stall

drunken queen of the Kingdom of the Corner Stool

shuffled me an awkwardly unsatisfying handjob

in the noxious summer sun

I learned about the bravery of men in Operation Overlord

from a wise and ancient WW II vet

as he inhaled a dozen cigarettes

like machine gun fire

into his shriveled, cracked face

I can feel my time is running out

two for ones end at 5pm




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