I sometimes drink too much. I never write enough. That is my circle of life, a blood streaked glob of mucus swirling down the drain. I am an IT drone by day and a boozy dreamer by night. Drunk texts are my literary legacy. I am a fierce believer in the First Amendment, especially if you disagree with me. I live in New York State and it has me pissing Red in this deep Blue pit of despair. Writing helps keep me sane. I hope to entertain, but if I ruffle some feathers,  barge into the chicken coup with both barrels blazing. Political Correctness is a very curable cancer. We all have voices. It is far better to be offended than lied to.  Please let me know what you think either via a comment at the end of a post, or contact me at 

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” Some people never go crazy. What truly horrible lives they must lead.”  


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