THE ANGRY WORLD: The Daily Apocalypse

An indifferent sun bleeds through dark velvet clouds

the color of cheap boxed wine

A gunshot wound on a rock and roll icon

Chirping birds mock the early morning

Children laughing at an old lady’s flabby arms

I have survived another apocalypse

A speed freak soldier in a broken down taxi cab

Plywood seat contorts my brittle spine

The way phony politicians twist their useless words

Dashboard radio chewed up my Rush tape

Silencing the majestic drum solos and bass lines

Driller killer mangled some dude at a bus stop

More flesh claimed by the heartless Turnpike

Blood washed away

Disemboweled ghost remains

Waiting for the N34 to the empty shopping mall

Drunken trolls have just enough for their fares

Spit on my bald spot as they spill onto the cracked sidewalks

I pull into a Diner to pick up my survival prize

A soggy bacon and egg sandwich

Burnt coffee and stale toast

Fuckers put cheese on that shit

Life isn’t worth the hassle




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