THE ANGRY WORLD: The Holly Jolly Hangover

That heavy metal industrial junkyard hangover digs in a little deeper come Christmas Time Cheap liquor melting your guts Synthesize them into reindeer road kill The lamentable sense of worthlessness Amplified Off key Christmas Carols spouted from annoying revelers ripping through busted speakers and chintzy microphones Embarrassment, Guilt and Mediocrity are my Three Wise Men... Continue Reading →


Drunken revelers soiled the city streets polluted bloodstreams scattering ants avoiding a child Celebrating five decades ago when cable news extinguished God for politicians who prayed for our worship I stuff my backpack with contraband Bukowski, Bradbury and The Bible A rusty revolver and damaged ammo Forbidden by a far off Global Tribunal I write... Continue Reading →

THE ANGRY WORLD: Night Drive in Boiler City

On a chilly November night the rancid furnace factory fortress birthed monsters from its sour belly Spring loaded from diabolical netherworlds their slimy tentacles strangled City Hall demons Radio waves were clogged with conjecture Refurbished mannequins on the tv news vomited fictional political conspiracies Like the nefarious Empires before it Boiler City fell I drive... Continue Reading →

THE ANGRY WORLD: The Annoying Co-Worker

Monday Morning | 6:37 am CEO's personal laptop Flatlined Windows updates taking two forevers the Infinite Jest of computing Bad day about to get worse Third Floor Door swings open Bull snort breathing massive key chain combats penis envy Sonic sigh as he groans into his chair Angry, chinless nerd at my desk expensive coffee... Continue Reading →

THE ANGRY WORLD: South Shore Trash

I'm sane when drunk Hangovers make me crazy Hypersensitive to the shit I don't have No lovely lady sharing my bed Beneath my moldy bathtub the loud scratching has returned My landlady silent as a corpse about it Bartenders and barflies have told me disturbing stories Cabin fever shakes me down A dumb guy picks... Continue Reading →

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