THE ANGRY WORLD: The Woods Outside the Boiler City Limits

Chilled beneath the shadow of the massive

gloomy furnace factory building

I trudge through the imperious woods

Busting up broken branches

disturbing decaying, dirty leaves

Strange sounds molest my itchy ears

A bug buzzes into my fleshy cheek

A razor blade cut


Legends aren’t real


Ivy Stromer

Black Magic Necromancer of

Boiler City

performed  unspeakable rituals here


I burst into a clearing

A graveyard

for rusted automobile carcasses

dented industrial appliances

Discarded desks and chairs

from some failed government school

The cold sunshine

A spotlight in a circus tent

A tall man glares at me

Wearing all black

Top hat

And a crimson cape

His face human

but devoid of humanity

something moans in the bushes

he takes off his hat

Hands with sharp

manicured nails

reach into the hat

And pulls something out


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