Mondays are Dull Requiems

Monday mornings are bleak poems

Words of despair

Rhymes regarding the tragedy of responsibility

Soul crushing prose packs a black belt’s kick

Each stanza a death march into the concrete jungle

Cluttered basement office in an Art Deco skyscraper

Gleaming steel and gargoyles made of stone

Bored by my misery like an apathetic Feudal lord

Court Jesters with plastic faces and leather briefcases

Bells jingling on their creepy hats, shoes and smartphones

Rotten breath stomps my nose as they interrogate me 

Regarding the whereabouts of my imaginary girlfriend

They know

I punch the time clock but it hits back

Double barrel shotgun of a 50 hour work week

About to turn me into a modern art masterpiece

My smashed head used for some office party cake

The cute one from Industrial Design is getting married

The chainsmoker in HR is back from open heart surgery

They saw him sneaking cigarettes in the ladies’ room

I log onto the mainframe to earn my keep

Grim blackness and the devil’s code written in green

Time to pay down the bar tab you shiftless drunkard

Then the rent


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