THE ANGRY WORLD: Lament for a Monday Morning

Monday Mornings are like bad breath on a first date

Dusty Happy Hours in dry counties

A Satanic vending machine stealing your last hope and coins

Water towers pumping out turpentine for you to brush your teeth

Parades and carnivals outlawed because of a pandemic

Realizing Good Housekeeping is the wrong type of magazine for a gun fight

Basketball games played with no frills, imaginary balls

A flat tire on an Ambulance with you in the back

Writhing in pain with a massive heart attack

Drowning under ten tons of municipal documentation

Politicians scolding citizens as you write them monthly checks

Forced to wear your Sunday church shoes to the beach

Uppity foreign films that you can’t comprehend

Losing your wallet and virus mask beneath the endless sands

Sexy dreams of Luna that the alarm clock ends

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