THE ANGRY WORLD: Strong Tequila in Boiler City

The sewer spit out mutant worms

Conquering Boiler City in a New York minute

imitating a rabid army of Visigoths legalizing anarchy

Death pouring out of their slimy segmented bodies

lined with teeth or claws and biological weaponry

Slithering through streets filled with garbage and crime

crushing buses and cars with the glee of an industrial trash compactor

Sucking out the brains of dope fiends and nervous mathematicians

crapping out their unhappy bones in a viscous trail of acid

I slowly woke from the feverish land of the dead

Floating without life in a Tequila bottle

Sickly sweet smell of a cheap hooker’s perfume

got the roaches stoned like hippies from the sixties

Some billionaire preacher performing on the alarmist television news

Screamed and spit for the citizens to repent!!

The Lord always lets me drink on credit

When the bill came it brought Biblical pain

I wandered back to my stained bed

A worm and the hooker were comparing sucking techniques




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