THE ANGRY WORLD: The Devil in the Land of Fire

A hellish sun rose from the south on that day

Spider Monsters crawled out of the Patagonian soil

The ancient fisherman’s church in Port Disturbance


Dark blood from its rusted, salty steeple

A violent revolutionary’s coup attempt was stopped cold

By a demon army that spit fire and napalm from strange organs

The fish cannery where I slopped out a decent living

Overrun by a buzzing horde of large insect like things

tentacles lined with teeth slashed and strangled

Fish and human guts traveled conveyor belts and dripped on machinery

I busted out of there and fled down the road

Head throbbing with dull, brain squishing pain


In a crumbling bait shop

As I listened to the carnage enveloping Tierra del Fuego

I yearn for my beloved, decaying Detroit

Dodging bullets and disgusting politicians.



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