Drunken revelers soiled the city streets

polluted bloodstreams

scattering ants avoiding a child

Celebrating five decades ago

when cable news extinguished God

for politicians who prayed for our worship

I stuff my backpack with contraband

Bukowski, Bradbury and The Bible

A rusty revolver and damaged ammo


by a far off Global Tribunal

I write my father a farewell letter

Tough to understand certain words

since they outlawed speaking your mind

Down a fire escape, onto the grungy avenue

A death drone dives from the skyline

Disintegrates a woman leaning on a streetlight

Because her shirt proclaimed Elvis is King

Ashes flood my nose and smell like Freedom

Avoiding the mechanized mobile prison skiffs

I walk up to Penn Station Crematorium

I bribe the last human cop walking a beat

A black market pressing of Mahler

He opens a dented steel door and gives me a warning

Avoid the crazies on the old subway platforms

Criminally insane and enjoy the taste of human flesh

I walk through giant cobwebs in dark hallways

Urine smell keeping the ghosts at bay

I head east down the deserted railroad tracks

Looking for death or sanctuary

On a leaky hospital barge in a polluted river

The State branded me Owner-X

I go by another name





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