THE ANGRY WORLD: The Annoying Co-Worker

Monday Morning | 6:37 am

CEO’s personal laptop


Windows updates taking two forevers

the Infinite Jest of computing

Bad day

about to get worse

Third Floor Door swings open

Bull snort breathing

massive key chain combats penis envy

Sonic sigh as he groans into his chair

Angry, chinless nerd at my desk

expensive coffee thermos

face like melted wax down the drain

thinking he’s a soldier storming barbed wire

machine gun bullets

three percent raises

Not for nothing

I’ve been here twenty three years

informing me daily like an insolent bell tower

Another cosmic injustice has scrambled his circuits

Cubicle is too cluttered

Winding road congested with nicer cars

Mucus drowning his American Dream

I’ve been here 23 years

Plenty of places that want my skills

But I’ve been here 23 years

Not for nothing



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