THE ANGRY WORLD: An Incident at the Boiler City Hospital

A decade ago

during the wars between radio frequency satanists

the unfeeling hospital administration packed up my

father’s luggage

and kicked him out of this world

Leaving me the crippling bill

Now I am a resident

blood pressure boiling my insides

Whiskey bugs devouring my brain

I wander into the Misery Pavilion

sponsored by benevolent tyrants

who defraud souls from opulent boardrooms

The criminal magician of this bankrupt necropolis

got his start in this building

Just a crazy, drugged out rock star

making deals with dark forces

disappeared into the stadium crowd

I look into a room

a plastic doctor with doll’s eyes

performs a lobotomy on a mannequin

with a bonesaw

Walking towards me

in the grim hallway


A towering nurse dressed in white

A gas mask


covering her face

She pushes pills on a tray to me

next to the tablets

a charred chicken leg

or body part from a creature of similar size.




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