THE ANGRY WORLD: Night Shift at The Cape Horn Furnace Company

Like a long lost girlfriend,

I once loved the graveyard shift

The quiet

Medicine for my deleted soul

A misplaced microchip on a faulty motherboard

Corporate takeover

From the pits of hell

My belly growing

Salted chips for breakfast

Frozen burritos for a snack

The Data Center hums its contempt for me

The Mainframe prints out satanic scriptures

The Night Operators

Never seen by human eyes

In sub basement thirteen

Email solemn edicts regarding interloping coworkers

Terminate Employee 1479 from Accounting

They are accessing forbidden files

Demerit for Employee 1623

Their computer password references false gods

Behind me

The Devil of The Bathroom gets off the elevator from below

Rat’s eyes burrow into my neck

The mop bucket creaks across the floor

Skeletons dancing on a coffin

He disappears

The smell of brimstone and industrial cleaner lingers.

I look at the want ads.




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